You all know how I constantly recommend being cautious with internet postings, yes? I guess burglar Jonathan G. Parker didn’t read my blog.

Jonathan G. Parker, 19 was one burglar who could multi-task.

After breaking into a Martinsburg, West Virginia house and stealing 2 diamonds rings worth more than $3500, he had enough time to use the victim’s computer to Google “best escape routes”.

If that’s not enough, he also logged into his Facebook profile and updated his Facebook status that read,

“OMG LOLZ brkin into sum1s house!”

Well, guess what? He forgot to log off his account. Talking about smart. Not only did he get himself into trouble, he also indirectly exposed his accomplice who happened to be a mutual friend of Parker and the victim (yes that’s how he was found out).

Parker faces 1 to 10 years of Facebook-less imprisonment.

(I read it here and I must admit I can’t help but wonder if this is a true story … can someone really be that stupid?)


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