Dear Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra,

I love you.


ps. You can be assured my love is real because I took the time to use capital letters in the appropriate places.

That made me smile. Looking at the writer’s picture, she appears to be in her twenties if not younger. I like that. There are younger people who like symphonic music. Or at least one. Anyone else? 🙂

Tomorrow is the final performance of Manon. The music did grow on me, and I thought the performances have gone very well, but I’m ready for something different now. Besides, Manon consistently makes the wrong choices and consistently dies. After a while — well — that gets a bit tedious! (I want an opera where the ending is a surprise, okay? But then I also want to be able to see it if we do one like that!)

Yesterday was a reed day, and this afternoon that will continue. I have a few possibilities, but I never truly know what the reeds are like until I use them for work. It’s different using a reed in my studio compared to playing it on pit or stage. Acoustics, along with temperature and other variables, make reeds behave differently. Go figure.

But right now? Right now is latté time. Then it’s three Saturday morning students. I’m hopeful that they remember what pages they practiced this week. Sometimes I’ll ask a student, “Is this the page you practiced?” and the answer I receive is, “I think so.” I have to explain that the answer to my question is either yes or no … and still most students won’t say either of those words. Hmmm. I interpret non-answers as a pretty loud “NO”. Call me silly.


  1. [quote]Or at least one. Anyone else? :-)[/quote]
    Yes! Me! Pick me! :p I’m 18. And my boyfriend, too. And my sister, who is 16. And a couple of my friends. And most people in my school, I’d think.
    We’re here!

  2. Well see, there ya go! 🙂

    Thanks, Eefje!

  3. I was thinking about this earlier, and I thought of few explanations for us being there, while you don’t see us (much) at performances.
    3)for ‘older’ people it’s also a sort of social activity, for young people it isn’t. It’s considered ‘uncool’, and while some of us may ignore that and go anyway, you won’t be likely to meet your peers (other than the ones you’re going with)there.