29. September 2009 · Comments Off on UCSC · Categories: Ramble

Starting a new year at UCSC is always a bit of a confusing muddle. I usually don’t know how many will show up for oboe lessons. I am to meet and hear them the week prior to the start of classes to determine who I can accept, but not all oboists know this. In addition, students who take lessons are required to be in a major performing ensemble. So I meet with some, decide who I can accept, only to find out later that another student wants lessons, or to find out that one I did accept isn’t in a performing ensemble. I can only take a certain number, so it’s often “back to the drawing board” to attempt to figure out how it can all work. I try to coach the woodwind quintet as well; finding a day and time for those five students is a tremendous challenge. I can only come to campus one day a week, so whatever day works for them must also work for all the oboist. ACK! Looks like this year is just as difficult as past years … perhaps even more so.

Right now my head aches from all this craziness. I’m hopeful that by next week it’ll all be sorted out and I’ll know what the story is. Unfortunately that requires that students respond to my email. Not everyone does. Double ACK!

Advice to students: please answer emails from your pesky teachers! Pretty please!?

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