There is what appears to be a very carefully put together bassoon site called Music and the Bassoon by Kristin Wolfe Jensen. I’m going to guess this took ages to do. I’ve only started to investigate. It includes instructional videos and music. And no, I am not about to do something this extensive. I can’t even imagine how long it took her to do this! Check it out, you bassoon players … tell me what you think!

(Oh … anyone find the mistake on this page? It’s bound to happen with a site like this … but look carefully at the music. I’m going to guess it’ll be corrected quickly, so it might even be gone by the time some of you click on the link.)

Here’s a bit of bassoon music — Famous Bassoon Quartets Through the Ages, actually — for you from Eastman School of Music.

Bassoons are often known as the buffoons of the orchestra. I simply have no idea why!

Okay … let me give you something more serious. Shame on me, eh?

Um …

Oh never mind! 🙂


  1. Found it (some notes can be hard to keep in the score – they get bored and wander off sometimes).

  2. I was surprised; usually the music program one uses catches a missing beat! Oh well … you’re probably right; it probably wandered off after it was posted!