How does one distInguish between good and bad classical music?

I just listened to Mozart’s Requiem Mass in D Minor and it sounded amazing. I don’t ever listen to classical music, so I’m wondering how a classical work could be considered mediocre or bad? What is there to listen to in classical music that lets one decide how good it is?

Gee, how to go about answering that question!

I read it here.

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  1. It’s pretty simple actually: good classical music is stuff you like, and bad is stuff you don’t.

    And if someone else likes stuff you don’t, and doesn’t like stuff you do, so what? As long as no one gets hurt, right?

    Even beyond that, no one is obliged to like everything produced by a given composer (or author, or rock band, or chef, or artist, or actor or…) even if one likes most (or even just one example) of their output.