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I recently read something from a student who is also now teaching. It was clear she was relishing “nailing” the students on their lack of knowledge. I commented, “I’ve found the closer to having been in school (or still IN school) the teacher the tougher the grader. Funny how that goes!”

She replied, “oh I feel the same way. for me it’s because I know what kind of [expletive deleted] students pull cause I did it not too long ago”

And I guess that was supposed to be a good thing?

She isn’t the first one I’ve found to be acting this way. Some have told me how they yell at students. Some how they like to “catch them” doing something wrong or foolish. Some like to trick the students. They tend to be harsh graders. I think they need a bit of time to get over their own memories of abuse or some such thing. I definitely think they are teaching too soon if they are mainly enjoying this sort of odd torture of students.

But I do understand.

I was a much tougher instructor when I was younger, and I wasn’t always very nice. I’m still demanding, and I’m still challenging, but I hope I’ve learned to treat students the way I prefer to be treated. I’m sorry to read of these younger teachers and their behavior. I’m especially bothered by the glee they seem to experience when they catch a student doing something wrong or giving an incorrect answer.

Okay. I’m done whining about that.

Now on to symphony … we’ll see what kind of whining I do after the two rehearsals today! I’m nervous about the Ravel works, and I need to get that out of my system so I can enjoy the music!

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  1. Good observations – not the first time I’ve been glad to have come to teaching later in life. Glad I had at least a few years of life outside of schools.