… and I know it.

I take what people say to me quite seriously. If someone is criticizing me it can really hit me hard. And when someone I don’t really know well at all criticizes my playing I can easily become a wreck. Which is what I am right now.

At the same time I ponder, “Why was that said when it was said? Were his intentions good? And am I really that out of tune?!”

Yeah. Someone commented on my pitch last night. And now I’m a bit of a wreck.

Correcting another musician is a tricky issue. And it is especially tricky if you and the other person aren’t friends, but barely acquaintances. (The person who criticized is a sub in the orchestra.)

I want it to be Monday.

Three of our four rehearsals for symphony this week are in the afternoon. This is rare, and part of me enjoys it because it means I have free nights, but I have to miss two full days of students. Financially it’s pretty crummy, as I’m taking a loss … in order to get criticized. Ack! This just became worse.

Okay … an attitude adjustment is a huge requirement this morning. I have to convince myself that one person’s words can’t ruin my week. Let’s see how well I do.

And this morning? It’s a reed morning, to be sure. Turns out that the stage isn’t as happy with my reeds as my studio is. Not surprising. Just annoying.


  1. I haven’t heard you play out of tune yet – would you be willing to for my next lesson? 🙂

  2. I’ll do my best, Tim!

    I’m a bit edgy about things like this after my hearing damage, so today I did work with my tuner … I really am hearing pitch pretty darn well, so I think the guy was perhaps in error with his somewhat harsh words.

    Or maybe … like I said … I’m too sensitive! 🙂

  3. Wait a second – did you say a sub who you don’t know came into the orchestra and told you you’re out of tune? That’s just rude (and likely untrue) on the sub’s part. Was (s)he criticizing your tuning note, or your performance?

  4. I do *know* him. Not well, but I know him. But I did find it rude and mostly disconcerting. But it’s over and I did fine and I just have to let it go now. Time to move on to the next job! 🙂