11. October 2009 · Comments Off on And So It’s Happening … · Categories: Ramble

I’m sad.

All week I was waiting for Sunday evening, knowing that no matter how I played, it would be over and I’d no longer be stressing out. I was counting days, and later hours. And now it’s all over and of course I’m very sad … because it’s all over.

How crazy is this profession I’m in?

All I have now is the memory of playing, since we aren’t allowed to have copies of the recordings. How sad is that? I never ever hear myself, it seems … or maybe not hearing myself is a good thing? Naw. Not gonna go to the negative place. Not tonight! 🙂

I am going to stay positive for the time being. I thought yesterday I played well. I think I may have played “weller” today.

Now how about THAT? Is this really me writing? Hmmm. Odd.

Don’t worry … I’ll get back to NormalNegativity™ tomorrow! 😉

Ooh, except it might rain. And rain makes me very, very happy!

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