12. October 2009 · Comments Off on Music Intelligence …? · Categories: Links

There’s a software program that apparently picks hits. So if you have a tune, give it a go and see if you’ll go platinum.

Or just scoff. Like I do. It’s easier to scoff that write a song, after all. But I also happen to think that there’s more to music than an algorithm. Call me silly. (Shall I plug the last movement of Ravel’s Mother Goose Suite in? Well, yeah, it’s not really a song … and I’m just being snobby. Like usual.)


If you go here you may, for $90, find out if you have a hit on your hands.

Or you can just ask me. I won’t charge a penny. But of course I am an oboist/English hornist, not a pop expert. Still, don’t you like my price better?

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