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I require that my students use hard copies of music rather than copies. I’m mean that way. The only time I don’t require that is when a work is no longer under copyright and you can find it online. Legally.

When it’s a contemporary work I absolutely demand that the player has a purchased part. Like I said, I’m mean that way. 😉

I just purchased (finally) “Four Figment Fragments” by Nick Sibicky. I had seen (and heard) the work on YouTube quite some time ago, and one of the oboists who played, Jennifer Bernard, then sent me the information about how to contact Nick. I had neglected to contact him until now. Well … the duo has been ordered and I’m looking forward to playing it. (It might be a good piece for one of my student’s UCSC recital, in fact.) Here … have another listen:

Support Your Living Composers! 🙂

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