Is there any double-reed instrument with the same fingering as a clarinet?

Because I really love the sound of the oboe, but I regularly play clarinet. And I wanted to see if there was possibly a type of double-reed instrument that had the same fingering as a clarinet.
Please don’t answer saying something like, “You’re lazy why not just learn oboe” because I have tried it and there is really no time for me to learn a whole new instrument, and the only thing that could compromise is taking lessons over summer. But still… I’d like to have a similar sound with quicker playability.
Oh, gosh… now I feel like I’m going on too long….


  1. Once you get above the throat tones, the fingerings for clarinet are very close to oboe fingerings. Below that, they are different though — because clarinets have a register key rather than an octave key. The fingerings for the lowest notes, when played with the register key, are a twelfth higher, and are almost the same as an oboe’s. I wouldn’t think it would be that hard to learn oboe fingerings as a clarinetist. That’s the easy part if you ask me!

  2. Heh … I think fingerings would be the least of the player’s problems!