… they even took away her food!

Argentine opera singer Gabriela Pochinki said Monday that she was talking to the organizers of the Las Vegas premiere of Michael Jackson’s film “This Is It” when she was arrested at a swank Manhattan restaurant for yelling into her cell phone.

“I’m so sorry if my telephone conversation bothered anyone,” Pochinki said Monday of her Oct. 18 arrest at Nice Matin, speaking in Spanish to The Associated Press.

The soprano, who has performed in lead roles on stages around the world and recorded several albums, has been invited by Jackson’s family to perform at Tuesday’s Las Vegas premiere of the movie that chronicles the King of Pop as he prepared for a comeback tour that never happened.

According to Pochinki’s attorney, Barry Black, restaurant workers complained about the loud phone call to her mother, who was having dinner with the 40-year-old singer.

“She was completely immersed in the conversation,” Black said. “At no time did she notice what was happening until a police officer appeared and told her to come along and they took away her food.”

Too darn funny … and it includes this, too:

The singer described the incident as a “bad moment” that she tried to “transform into something more positive.” She compared it to the operatic tragedies that she has performed in—albeit, her experience had a happier ending.

Pochinki said that during the two hours that she was detained, on the verge of tears, she recalled “Die Fledermaus” by Johann Strauss. In that opera, one of the characters finds comfort in prison by singing. So she asked permission to warm up her voice.

“I started to sing (“Somewhere” from “West Side Story”) and midway through singing they all started feeling it. … They also noticed that I was an opera singer and they applauded, they relaxed a bit. And my mom, who was outside, she heard me and relaxed, because she knew that everything was fine,” said the singer, who has won numerous awards, including for best singer in the world at the Lyric Festival in Italy.

No matter what, she has gotten some good publicity out of this!


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  1. Hm – if I were in jail, I’m not sure “Somewhere” would be the first song I’d sing… 😉