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It’s hard not to associate classical music with horror. The concert hall has a natural spookiness that lends itself to the giving of the creeps.

Yep, pretty darn spooky on the stage, let me tell you.

But really, the article is about films with musicians and it’s a fun read the article and you’ll get to see some film clips as well.

Check this out …

The Hands of Orlac (1925) Dir: Robert Wiene. Wow! Didja hear about the one where the concert pianist loses his hands and gets replacements – THE HANDS OF A MURDERER!?!?!?!

And then there’s this:

Hangover Square (1945, Dir: John Brahm). Composer George Harvey Bone (Laird Cregar) has a little problem. Every time he gets stressed, he blacks out and kills people.

Ah, composers. What can ya say?

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