29. October 2009 · 1 comment · Categories: Ramble

Name the musical from which I’m quoting, please. (I know a few of you easily are able to do that.)

I was told by the person who helped me order my glasses yesterday to call the very next day (Wednesday), to see how the order is going. The woman who I spoke with was rather shocked, “She should have known it takes 3 full days for the anti-glare treatment!” Sigh. So much for picking them up on Friday.

As I taught today I could barely see the notes. I’m honestly not sure how I’ll do at our woodwind quintet Monday night if I don’t have these glasses to wear. I can’t tell you how troubling this is. I guess I’ll go to Lenscrafters to see what sort of megabucks I’ll have to spend to get anything quicker (if that’s even possible with my prescription).

How stupid is it that I tossed my old pair of music glasses?

Yep. THAT stupid. Sigh.

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  1. Well, the answer has already been posted on Facebook, but I did know it (of course!).

    “It’s Hot Up Here”