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… because it’s just some sort of rule or something.

If you read this blog you know about my my very special wonderful can’t do without ‘em music glasses and how they somehow disappeared.

Well … drum roll … THEY HAVE BEEN FOUND!

The flutist of the UCSC faculty woodwind quintet, in fact, is the one who located them. How ’bout that? We have rehearsal on campus Monday night, so I’ll get them there. I miss them horribly, and wish I could have them sooner, but I am not sure I’m ready to drive all the way over there and back for them. I’m just sort of dealing, putting my music very low, squinting a lot, and missing notes here and there. Oh well! One good thing about missing glasses, if I dare try to look on the positive side, is that I really have to rely on my memory, and I’m realizing just how well I do know the works. Good news, yes?

So this was a $280 “oops”, but probably worth it; at least now if I lose one pair I’ll have a backup pair. If I had lost these glasses the day OF a concert I’d have really been in serious trouble!

Oh … and you wonder where the glasses were? She wrote:

How strange that your glasses showed up as I was picking up all my
stuff on the right of the desk. There they were—just on the floor
next to the right back leg of desk ( might have fallen off of the

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Greer! 🙂

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