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This appears to be old news (2005), but if I blogged about it then I sure don’t remember!

Members of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra have been accused by their audiences of looking too miserable. I have myself looked miserable in Bournemouth in the autumn. It’s not an offence. But the residents of Bournemouth like their orchestras to put on a happy face. It was reported this week that complaints have been posted on the orchestra’s website about how down in the dumps the players look. The distinguished ensemble has even been nicknamed The Glums.

Audience dissatisfaction with unsmiling musicians is spreading. The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Sir Simon Rattle’s former outfit, has also fallen foul of its audience for not wearing sunny Birmingham grins.

Heh. Do I smile when I’m working? (Do you?!) Mostly I’m concentrating and thinking about the music and attempting to give it my all. Sometimes I smile as I’m sitting there listening to what my colleagues are doing, but gee, if I responded to everything I was hearing I might also cry when we play something that tugs at my heart. Our job is to make music. I think the crying and smiling can, for the most part, be left to the audience. Call me silly.

Sarah Gee, the director of communications for the CBSO, says that one woman told them that her enjoyment of a concert had been wrecked by a dour musician. “She caught one of the musician’s eyes and gave him the thumbs up, but he lowered his gaze. It destroyed the evening for her.”

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