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This article is giving advice to young musicians. Here are the suggestions, in a nutshell:

  • Do the crossover thing
  • Go for a comically named girl group. (But don’t lose your integrity.)
  • Awards (like Cardiff Singer of the World) are a waste of time.
  • Buy an expensive instrument. Or borrow one. Or something.
  • Learn self-control. Don’t go into the spotlight until you’re ready.
  • Put image before talent. (Yes, I copied this exactly as it is in the article.)
  • Screw over your peers. (Again, copied directly.) And it goes on to say, “A ruthless ego will get you everywhere in the classical world.”
  • Release your own CD.
  • Don’t sit in your room and practice all the time. Get out and play in groups.
  • Be a commodity. Be a self-promoter.

    Okay … thoughts? I think I’ll just wait and see what others have to say. After all, I’m not a young musician.

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  1. I think what bothers me most about this is the “screw over your peers” bit. Perhaps it’s true if you want to be a world renowned soloist, I also couldn’t say, but my gut says no. My oboe professor likes to say something along the lines of, you don’t see oboist agaisnt oboist. You might see flutist against flutist or violinist against violinist, but with oboe it’s us against the oboe so we have to help each other out. I like this. And there’s certainly no strife within our studio. 🙂

    I think this is really an example of how, in general, the purpose of the article was *not* to help students but to entertain a larger audience. That’s not to say it doesn’t have any truth but you can kind of feel this hidden motive of inventing (or, the journalist would argue, finding) the persona of a young classical musician and there’s a certain amount of bias, particularly in the journalist’s natural tendancy to add intrigue as flavor.