If you get to the UCSC recital tomorrow night (as if any readers here will be there … hmmm …) and see the “no parking” signs in the parking lot for the recital hall, please don’t turn around and drive back home. We have been assured that there will be parking for attendees of the recital. Really.

But how frustrating to get to the parking lot Tuesday morning (when I teach) to find bright yellow signs saying “NO PARKING” with warning of getting towed if you park there.

I know what I’d do if I saw those signs; I’d leave. Period.

I talked to someone in the music office to see if we can get signs directing people to the part of the parking lot that isn’t closed, but so far no one knows if that can happen. I can’t tell you how frustrating this is!

In addition, the posters that have been up for weeks say our recital is on November 30. Argh! The poster, which I will once again include in this entry (although in smaller form; for a more readable poster just go here), was redone this past Tuesday, so I’m hoping the date error won’t be a big issue, but time will tell.

FNL No Strings postercolorOUT

We had our final rehearsal last night, two hours after a three hour opera rehearsal. That was a rather “killer mouth” day.


  1. Is there someone you can recruit to be a parking lot attendant? Someone who can stand at the entrance and direct cars to the appropriate location and/or tell them it’s OK to ignore the signs?

  2. Everything has to be approved by TAPS (our parking office) … I know the music office is trying to do what they can, but we’ll see what happens. This whole recital has had roadblock after roadblock, and yet we are required to do one.

    Ah well … gives me something to whine about!

  3. Ah-hah! I just received this, though:

    “Good news!!!! I just got through to Deborah Bryant in TAPS (Events Parking Assistant- X91097). She said that they will post signs directing recital attendees to the upper portion of our parking lot, where parking will be available. So I think we should be covered and we will have official signs in place.”

  4. Excellent!

  5. Yep, Mike, it IS!

    Of course now it means we *might* have an audience … so I’ll be more nervous. If the hall had been empty somehow I think I would have been as calm as can be. Go figure.