09. November 2009 · Comments Off on At War with Rossini & Reeds · Categories: Ramble

Tonight was another rehearsal of Cenerentola. I have decided that Rossini and I are not the best of buds. At least not right now. There’s one lick* I can’t seem to manage. I can play it at home. I can play it in the pit before we begin and during breaks. But I can’t seem to play it when it’s time to actually do the darn thing. Sigh. There’s always something.

And reeds? They are just not happy. Or I’m not happy with them. Or something.

Then, by the end of the rehearsal, I started thinking, “Am I getting a bug?” And I still wonder. Now that would simply be unacceptable! I haven’t the time or energy to be sick. So that’s not gonna happen. Period.

*If you want to hear the lick, go back to this blog entry and listen to 5:23 … it’s not as noticeable as it feels in the pit, but it is somewhat important and it’s just awkward for yours truly.

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