In a survey just conducted by Classical Archives (, the ultimate online destination for classical music, over 20% of the respondents said they love classical music because it relaxes them and acts as a stress reliever in their hectic lives. The survey suggests that classical music, more than rock and pop, is able to calm the nerves in tough times.

Here is the full roster of results to the survey, which asked:

Why do you think you love classical music?

60.2% – It is simply the best music there is

20.3% – Relaxes me when life is stressing me out

9.0% – My parents played classical music at home growing up

7.6% – I’m a freak for culture

2.9% – It is a great aphrodisiac

I received that news in an email from Classical Archives. I think I was supposed to be thrilled.

Mostly I don’t care.

BUT … yeah, you knew there had to be one, didn’t you … it seems to me that when someone says they love classical music because it helps them de-stress they are usually the sort who use it as wallpaper. They aren’t really listening. It’s not really about the art, but it’s about the nothingness or something. Maybe I’m wrong. I wouldn’t mind being wrong!

I’d rather people use my cream of carrot soup to de-stress. Okay? Or chocolate. Milk chocolate.

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  1. Must remember MILK chocolate.