20. November 2009 · Comments Off on Losing A Student · Categories: Ramble

I just had a phone call from a parent. One of my students will not be continuing. The mother was gracious, extremely complimentary, and had no negative words for me. And yet I always wonder when this happens, “Could I have done something different? Should I have made it more fun?”

I guess that’s not abnormal. I hope not, anyway.

The student just has too much going on, and is an avid basketball player; the coach of the team is inflexible about missing, and the student would have had to skip youth orchestra far too much. It all led to the decision to choose one or the other. I knew basketball would —should!— win out, considering his love for it. One does need to go with one’s passion.

I just hate losing him. And I keep hoping I didn’t send him away, despite his mother’s very kind words.

I will miss him.

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