23. November 2009 · Comments Off on Hmmm · Categories: Links, Oboe, Other People's Words, Ramble

Why do I put up with this?

Because, sometimes … things fall into place. And when it happens, it’s almost like I don’t know why. Like there’s some intangible something, in the air, as it were.

And then I want to do it again. Like smoking crack, only waaaay less reliable. Which explains the relatively small number of oboe addicts, I guess.

Well, I guess I wouldn’t know if what we do is anything close to smoking crack … since I’ve never smoked crack. (Wouldn’t know how … I’d probably do it wrong!) But it is wonderful when things fall into place!

I read the above here. I’d add it to my bloglist but I can’t seem to leave a message for the blogger and, in any case, the blog is anonymous and I prefer not to list anonymous bloggers. (I like the bloglist bloggers to be as accountable as I have to be. Go figure.)

Tomorrow is a busy day … UCSC, private students and opera. And I’m assuming my brother and sister-in-law from Germany are here (no phone call today, but I am going to guess they arrived late in the day and are somewhat tired). I guess I won’t be able to see them until Wednesday. How frustrating is that? Sigh.

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