27. November 2009 · 4 comments · Categories: TQOD

My son started playing the oboe at 7 and a half; a year later, he is starting to enjoy it regularly! Music teaches the virtues of work.


  1. 7 1/2??????? I was definitely way too small to play the oboe when I was 7 1/2!

  2. I’ve never taught anyone that young. Hands are too small, and I don’t think muscles are developed enough either. I just can’t imagine! Not to mention care of reeds would be a challenge for someone that age.

  3. I’ve heard of students as young as eight years old, like Ramón Ortega Quero. Too bad I didn’t think of that back then!

  4. I’ve had several 8 year olds. I will only start them if they already read music and if they have hands that are capable of holding an oboe without injury. Most of mine have come from piano, and some have played flute or clarinet (it’s getting rarer for them to have played another wind; I think parents are pushing oboe because they’ve heard it gets kids into college).