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The ensemble work was tough: when looking at an orchestra part, you have no idea what the rest of the ensemble is doing, plus you have to count through all the gaps in the score. If you’re a sole instrument, there’s no one around you to help you with the next entry.

Some people — those who haven’t played an instrument — think we have everyone’s part on our sheet music. Not so. We sometimes have a few cues of other parts, but not always. I forget that not everyone understands that. I guess I should take a photo of my part sometime so you can see what I’m looking at.

I read the above quote here. It ends with this:

One of the criticisms levelled against critics is that it’s too easy to yell from the sidelines. In many ways, this is justified. In a city like Toronto, home to hundreds of fabulous instrumentalists and singers, quality is something you take for granted. Once you do that, it’s easy to forget the hours and hours of practice, preparation and organization behind every smooth show.

When I officially became the music critic, I vowed that I had to spend more time actually playing music, as well, for the sole purpose of reminding me, sometimes painfully, that I can’t take anything for granted. Because those people on stage certainly don’t.

I love that. Thank you, Mr. Terauds! 🙂

Read it all.

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