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Please let me be one of the first to alert you to a new oboe business! Bob Hubbard was my oboe teacher beginning at about the age (mine, not his!) of thirteen. I then went on to sit next to him in the San Jose Symphony, when I won the English horn position there. He is a dear friend, and wonderful man. And NOW he and his wife, Christy, are open for business. Do check out … drum roll please … Westwind Double Reed.

I think you’ll find the site not only handy for equipment, but for the wealth of information there. For instance, click on the shaper tip link. Then click on one of the tips, say the Lucarelli … not only will you read the specs on the tip, but you’ll see a nifty bio of Mr. Lucarelli as well. How cool is that?! You can spend hours at that site, for all this sort of info.

Check it out!

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