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During his performance season, Mr. Gunn generally eats only one big meal a day, usually dinner. His favorite dish is grilled steak with onions and zucchini accompanied by a glass of red wine. He rarely eats breakfast but if he does, it’s usually a cup of yogurt or piece of bread. “I only eat when I’m hungry,” he says.

At home, Mr. Gunn’s eating habits are generally the same, but his wife cooks dinner, and they will sometimes have chicken-noodle soup, a bag of potato chips and a cup of black coffee for lunch. Mr. Gunn says he will eat fries and potato chips once in a while. “If I’m too strict, then I’ll want it too much,” he says.

You can read more about Nathan Gunn’s eating and exercise habits by going here.

You can read my eating and exercising habits below:

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