… but oboe reeds don’t last as long. (At least as far as I’ve heard.)

But here is an article about Barrick Stees and bassoon reed making. Take a look. Then just repeat after me, “Oboe reeds are more difficult to deal with …”. 😉 (No, dk, I don’t expect you to agree with me!)

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  1. No, I think what you meant to say was “oboe players are more difficult to deal with,” wasn’t it? ;-P

    Oboe reeds are different to deal with than bassoon reeds. They both have pluses and minuses; yours can be made much more quickly, can be finished more quickly (less cane to remove), and break in more quickly, from what I understand, but then they die more quickly too (the big minus – and frankly I wouldn’t trade with you for that reason).

    Maybe we should get together sometime and make a reed for each other’s instrument? That would be very enlightening. Maybe then I’d agree with you. Or maybe not…

    After all, Making Oboe Reeds is Easy! by Dr. Sandra Downing

    And Dr. knows best, right? Who am I to doubt the Dr.?