Gotta love the description of an oboist …

the only melody that’s been quite insistent for last little while is interestingly, k.361 mozart gran partita mvt. 3: adagio.

ooh that soaring oboe melody. thin silk, spun with no end in sight. absolutely beautiful and tortured. i have no clue where the torture aspect comes from- perhaps it is an ache of a sort. when something is too beautiful. too pure. also if you ever seen a live performance of it, i bet you couldnt take the eyes off of the oboist, who, in contrary to the graceful melody, looks like he/she is going to literally explode. all red and sweating. pulling that endless sound out. (in this youtube clip, it’s a proper peculiar high double reed man. what do i mean by that- well, just look at his glasses! i love the subspecies of double reeders…) and much work once in silence: reed making. hours and hours, days, years spent with boiling pots of water, sugar cane bits, dried fingertips, sharpen blades, looking more like wood workshop than.. a practice room.


  1. woah, did you change the log in process?

    Anyways, this description is hilarious. I actually put this opening as my ring tone, but I’ve never thought of the oboe as “tortured”!

  2. I’m trying something new Cooper; so many were having trouble logging in more than half the time, so I’m seeing if I can deal with this … was it easier? Did you have to do anything much to leave a comment?

    I never thought of the oboe as “tortured” either … sometimes we oboists are tortured, and sometimes we oboists torture others, but that’s another story!

  3. Yeah, it’s much easier to leave a comment, if that was the point of the different format.

  4. Just thought I’d try leaving a comment to see if it was easier. Assuming it goes through, very easy. LOVE the description of the tortured oboe. I wonder if I look like I’m going to (literally) explode when I play…

  5. Glad it worked for you, Jill! As long as I don’t get spammed to death this does seem like the way to go!

  6. This is so beautiful! I can’t believe I don’t have a recording of it.

  7. It’s an incredible work, Katja! I played it when I was at SJSU, way back in the dark ages!

    Btw, if you ever watch the flawed but entertaining Amadeus movie, the description of this movement is absolutely incredible!