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I don’t know if others have checked this out, but iTunes has this thing called “iTunes U” and I am currently watching and listening to a concert by the symphonic orchestra at Northwestern University. They are doing the Debussy Nocturnes, which begins with a good bit of English horn (in Nuages). You might want to check it out! And of course there’s some oboing later on to listen to. The camera work is nice; LOTS of English horn close ups for the first movement. (I see the oboes hold their instruments a bit higher than I do … oh dear, now my students have ammunition to use against me!)

I have always found Debussy to be fun listening and awkward playing. For me he just doesn’t sit comfortably. I’m not sure what it is … and maybe it’s just my problem. I’ve not had issues in performance … it’s just not as fun as, say, Ravel.

I’m impressed by the Northwestern musicians. Pretty darn fine playing! Go to iTunes U and check ’em out. (Or you can click on this link to watch it.) Today I meet the UCSC oboists … perhaps we should spend some time watching and listening to the video. I think they’ll be pretty amazed.

Here’s the first movement of the Debussy with what appear to be an even younger group of musicians:

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