The headline?

Mountain lion attacks second pygmy goat, despite fences lights and music

… and later …

“I guess lights and classical music and two fences isn’t enough,” Purnell said. “Fortunately it was just a pet and not a child.”

After Dan’s surprised, “WHAT?!” he said “Maybe the mountain lions LIKE classical music.”

Hmmm. Ya think?

I read it here.


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog! (You must have searched the term oboe to have hit upon me.)

    Mr. Redman didn’t turn me off of any kind of music and I stayed in band through high school, but he did make me mad and I was so glad to finally feel justified in my anger. He was just plain wrong.

  2. Actually I “found” you through google alerts and yes, it was on the word “oboe”!

    So glad to hear that you weren’t turned off to music. 🙂