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What should I expect with the oboe?
Right now I play the flute(7.5 years), Alto Saxophone(3.5 years), and the bassoon(2.5 years). I personally have kinda despised the oboe because people would always mistake the bassoon for an oboe(stupid reason I know). And I am good enough on the bassoon to get first chair of my school district’s honor band. So i don’t sound like a duck anymore XP. And just recently, a senior from last year brought her oboe in to play with the band, (she was visiting), and I asked her if I could try her oboe, she said yes, I tried it. And my very first note was clear and didn’t sound like a beginner at all. (according to her) I don’t know if I was just a natural with the oboe, or playing the bassoon helped.

So now I am looking to learn the oboe. I have played around with the school’s english horn(didn’t sound that great because it was broken in the first place), so I am kinda already familiar with some of the basic fingerings. I could do one octave chromatically.

So, anything I should be aware of, or any tips. Anything would help, I teach myself the instruments, so if there is something teaching books don’t mention that would be great. 🙂

Please and thank you

Some of you probably know what I might suggest. (Hint: a teacher!) But this young player obviously isn’t interested in that. So perhaps one of you would like to answer the question.

Update The link won’t work … and it says the question has been taken down. (And that link also messed with my blog entry for some reason.) But if I google the first few sentences I’m taken to the question. Odd.

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