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“If there are difficult issues, for instance if a male conductor is yelling in a theatre about something, then it’s generally accepted – the way men handle difficult situations is taken as a mark of authority. But to do this as a woman can be very badly perceived. Different ways of handling a crisis are more usual for men. Showing the same authority from a woman’s point of view is sometimes not that easy for others to deal with.”

-Emmanuelle Haïm

I’ve never heard a woman conductor yell, so I guess I don’t know how it would be handled around here. I’ve had one apologize a bit too much. These days I rarely hear a male conductor yell either. When I began my professional career I certainly heard a fair share of yelling. It didn’t bother me, because my high school years were spent with a screaming conductor. I thought that’s what they were supposed to do! I remember people getting so angry about a yelling conductor and all I could think was, “What’s the big deal?!” I no longer like yelling. Go figure.

Anyway, check out the article about women conductors and that old glass ceiling thing.

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