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… attempting to live healthier, says:

“Giulini told me that when he woke up and realized he’d survived, he vowed to make a change: that life would no longer be a part of music, but from that that moment music would be a part of his life. At the time, I was too young to really get it. Now I understand.

“I’ve made up my mind that free weeks will be free weeks, and no matter who calls with a cancellation, I’m not going.”

Part of living healthier is knowing when to turn down jobs. I’ve gotten to a point now where I actually don’t feel as if I have to take everything. Sure, the income would be wonderful, but health — sanity! — is also somewhat important. Not that I’m anywhere close to as busy (or talented) as Maestro Slatkin, of course. But I can learn from the Big Guys, right?

I love this part of the article:

“I haven’t been perfect,” he confessed. “I slip sometimes. Like the other night at the Pistons game I had a cupcake.”

For some reason the fact that it’s a cupcake just makes me smile. (Also makes me want one, of course!)


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