29. January 2010 · 6 comments · Categories: Opera

I saw the official brochure for next season at the Opera San José office today. And it turns out that Anna Karenina will be conducted by Stewart Robinson.


  1. I’m confused; you say Stewart Robinson, but the ad says, “St. Louis Symphony – different with David Robertson”?

  2. OH man, am I getting my Robertsons mixed up? Geesh!

  3. You’re QUITE right, dk. Gotta fix this pronto … and remove this horrendous error. Thanks!

  4. I assume he conducted the original production of AK in Florida?

  5. Yep. And boy did I get things wrong here first, confusing David Robertson for Stewart Robertson.

    OldBoeBrain strikes again! (But thank you once more, dk, for catching that. How embarrassing … but better YOU catch it that … well … one of the Robertsons!)

  6. Oh … the “yep” was to you, Mike. He did conduct it in Florida.