I told everyone my goal for going to Miss America, and playing the oboe, is to make the oboe cool. I figured George Gershwin could give me the best chance possible.

Miss Georgia Emily Cook (she will be competing for Miss America tonight)

I’m really having a tough time putting “oboe” and “cool” together. But if she can make it happen, more power to her! 😉

(I read it here.)


  1. Glad you liked my blog. I followed your comment back to yours, and liked it as well. Music is so very important. In this day of easy synthetic “music” I appreciate the hours of practice necessary to reach any level of credible ability with an actual instrument. I play guitar (40 years of fun) and accordion (50 years) and struggle with the banjo and ukelele. I play good enough to really consider these instruments my friends and play in church or retirement homes. I’ve only written one song, and sing more like Dylan than Pavarotti, but I use the gift I was given and transpose to my range—such as it is… Thanks for giving me a heads up about Miss America. I would have been buried in a book and heard about it tomorrow, like last year.

  2. Hi Kathleen. Thanks for dropping by!

    I play professionally, but I also do play at my church. The funny thing is that I sometimes get more nervous THERE than at a performance. How silly of me!

    You’ve been at this music thing even longer than I, it appears! I love to tell my students I’ve been playing oboe since 1968 and watch their eyes bug out. I can see their brains clicking into action, wondering, “Just how old IS this old lady!?” It’s kind of cute. Of course, to them, anyone over 25 is OLD! 😉