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Here’s the start of the opera, in case anyone is wondering how it begins and has yet to see this opera. Is that possible? Have some of you not seen and heard Marriage of Figaro? Hmmm. You could always buy a ticket to the OSJ production! 🙂

Yesterday’s rehearsal included singers. And, with those singers, was a familiar name from the past: one of our Figaros is Brian Leerhuber. He sang with OSJ back when our daughter, Kelsey, was one of the three spirits in Die Zauberflöte. I’m thinking that must have been the 1998 production (you can see all past productions listed here). What fun to see and hear him again!

Today’s rehearsal will be at the California Theatre.

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… but apparently they are a train:

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It was so good to get back together with my dear friends and colleagues yesterday, for our first rehearsal for the opera. (It was our sole “orchestra only” rehearsal.) Today we will meet up with one of the two casts. Normally everything is now held at the hall, so we are in the pit from the get-go, but yesterday and today we are at the Opera San José rehearsal space instead. I don’t like the place. I don’t like the noise and heating issues. It’s unattractive. And it’s not as close to my house! (Awww, poor me.)

BUT — and this is why I’m SO entirely happy to be there — we actually get to hear and see the singers up close and personal for the first siztprobe. So you’ll get no complaints from me!

Our second sitzprobe will be back in the usual performance space, so we won’t be seeing the other cast the same way. Such is life. I won’t complain then either, though, because I do like getting back into what feels like home. (And no fluorescent lighting, thank you very much! Those lights tend to make my head ache and the notes go a little “buzzy” … as in they seem to wiggle around on the page. Don’t ask me why. They just do.)

And let me end this post with a bit of music from the opera. As you will see, this is from the movie Shawshank Redemption:

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7 cute college guys: flute, oboe, oboe, clarinet, timpani, trombone, trumpet

(Wow! Two of the cute guys play oboe?!)

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I had read this earlier, but hadn’t thought to put it up here until now:

“Dear Friends,

Happy New Year to you all.

As you can see form my photo, I ended 2009 with a bang! The take off was good but the landing needs improvement!

I managed to shatter my right elbow and provide two hairline fracturesin my left write and hand. after a very successful operation, I am now the proud owner of 5 screws!


The above, and and more, is from Sir James Galway. Can’t really play a flute with two broken arms. OUCH!

Not a sluggish tempo, to be sure, and one little oboe duo lick that is slurred in our part is tongued by the oboes.

Merola has launched their own website. While looking around I wondered if they have also cut back the season for this coming summer. Does anyone know? I thought they usually did two operas. I now only see one. I’m probably just confused.

I sometimes get the joy of working with the Merola gang. I love it! But then I love all things opera! (Which means I’m looking forward to getting back to the remainder of

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Some should. & maybe some shouldn’t ..??


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Back on the scene, with amplified oboe in tow.

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… to dampen the mood! Ah yes, we can do that sort of thing, yes? It just cracked me up to read the below about Alan Gilbert.

Before everyone gets too excited, though, his mother issues a few sober words of caution. After only three months in the job Gilbert is still in a honeymoon period, she cautions. At this point people are just happy that he’s not Maazel or Masur.

And there’s one rather inconvenient fact: “Riccardo Muti was a very strong favourite of the orchestra’s. Many people would have been very happy to have him.” Even she was tempted. “He’s a great conductor, one of the best around,” she says, looking down at her skirt as if embarrassed to be having such treacherous thoughts. “I thought it may be good for Alan to get it the next time, in four or five years. But then Muti didn’t, for whatever reason, accept.”