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… or just disagree.

I’m reading Martin Schuring’s book. He is saying you should keep your thumb on the bottom octave key when you go to the side. I have always taught my students not to do that. I understand his reason; when you use the side octave key it takes over and the bottom octave key closes. His point is that moving the thumb off of the octave key is an unnecessary and extra movement. We usually want to move as few fingers as possible. Makes sense, I suppose.

BUT … I have students who use both even when they aren’t coming from a bottom octave key note. So, for instance, if they are playing octave leaps from low A to high A they use go to both octave keys, moving the thumb when unnecessary.

So perhaps we should split the difference? When coming from a note (or going to a note) with the bottom octave key, the thumb could be on the bottom octave key. But why in the world would you move your thumb to that key when it doesn’t need to move at all?

I’d love to chat with him about this!

I must say, though, that I am enjoying his book tremendously. I went to the later chapter on our behavior … and I wish everyone would read that chapter! (I’d name it, but I foolishly left the book in the orchestra pit … oops!) I think this book should be required reading. Really.

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