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Anyone want to answer this blogger?:

As soon as the three string players – a violinist, a violist and a cellist – started playing, one woman in the front row and another in the second row start to knit.

Maybe there were other knitters behind me, but I couldn’t see them.

Sure, the knitters were quiet. No loud click-clicking of needles or turning book pages to follow a pattern.

And true, the atmosphere at the musicales is more casual and relaxed than at a full-length evening concert.


Does anyone else find it just rude and unacceptable to knit during a live musical performance?

RTWT … and read answers already there.

Now, I have to add this bit for you: When I was younger, I actually brought my counted cross stitch projects to the pit with me and during ballets and musical theater productions (never operas) I’d work on my project during tacets or dialogue. Really.

What was I thinking?!

Or … as I just said to Dan:

WAS I thinking?!


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