On Tuesday night at Strathmore, the BSO held the first part of a two-night event called “Rusty Musicians With the BSO,” created by Music Director Marin Alsop as a way for the BSO to celebrate Strathmore’s fifth anniversary season. Anybody older than 25 who played an orchestral instrument and could read music could have a chance to perform serious orchestral repertory with the BSO players. It’s a rare chance: Among American orchestras, only the Pittsburgh Symphony has tried anything similar.

I kind of like this idea. Of course it could also a challenge. But still … it might get more people into the hall … both on stage and in the audience! And I do think it’s great for those of us who are on stage to actually connect with those who aren’t. This gets us a wee bit closer, yes? And in our comfort zone. (I’m horrible about those parties after; I am not good at mingling, and I’m too tired to be terribly good at conversation in any case.) I read it here.


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  2. VisitBaltimore

    I’m with Visit Baltimore, and we just did a video with Marin Alsop from the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. In the video she tells us about her love for Baltimore and her hopes for the BSO. Check it out at http://bit.ly/dBwSkP

  3. I don’t normally let advertisements slip in here, but the video is worth the link. Thank you.

    Ms. Alsop is also on the cover to Listen! magazine this month and there’s an article about here there. Guess there’s an Alsop fever going on right now.