Daniel Matsukawa’s rich tone suggested there’s a trombone hidden inside his bassoon.

-David Patrick Stearns (reviewer)

(I read it here.)


  1. Not sure I’d see that as the compliment he intended, but then again I’m not married to a trombone player 😉 I did like the reviewer’s point of the opening/closing chords of Scheherezade and Midsummer Night’s Dream – very cool!

  2. Oh I wouldn’t see it as a compliment either. And I AM married to a trombone player! 😎

    I did like the review, though; seemed well written and thoughtful.

  3. You’re married to a trombone player? That’s cool. My boyfriend plays the trombone, and another oboist I know also has a boyfriend who plays the trombone..
    Maybe oboists are naturally attracted to trombonists?

  4. Yep. But he doesn’t play anymore, so I guess I should say “former trombone player”. He teaches music at a local college.

  5. I always thought the definition of a gentleman was “someone who COULD play the trombone but DIDN’T.”

  6. Well, I said he was my husband … not a gentleman! 😉

    (Sorry, Dan, you know I couldn’t resist!)

    Okay. Dan IS a gentleman. Maybe that’s why he quit playing? Hmmm.