I actually started in clubs and was really happy with that,” says DBR. “As a matter of fact, I was somewhat embarrassed to admit I played in an orchestra while I was working with such South Florida locals as 2 Live Crew. I enjoy both.

“But it’s interesting that, once my non-classical colleagues found out about my orchestra work, they were really interested and when my classical colleagues found out about my non-classical work in R&B and hip hop, they were appalled.”

-DBR (Daniel Bernard Roumain)

I read it here.


  1. That kind of just makes it sound like he wants to kiss up to his non-classical friends and doesn’t really care what his classical friends think. Were they really “apalled?” I mean, I could see where they might not get why he’d be interested in a different genre, but “apalled”? And it’s R&B and hip hop he’s talking about, not death metal. I can’t imagine that anyone, unless maybe they’re 80 or something, would really be “apalled” at his interest in other musical genres. Whatever.

  2. Oh I actually have heard younger classical music students react to stuff like this in that way! I think they are just trying so hard to make their craft the only legit thing in the world. As they get older they tend to relax … I hope!

  3. A little “PS” too … some of my classical music friends were somewhat appalled when I confessed to enjoying musicals. So yeah, those sorts do exist. But the majority aren’t that way … or at least not any I care to hang out with! 🙂