11. February 2010 · Comments Off on Nap Time! · Categories: Opera, Ramble, Teaching

I have Figaro tonight, and three students before that; the first student of the day canceled, and while I’ll miss her I am sort of relieved, as I need my nap. Teaching, when I put myself into it, and I always do my best to do that, can really zonk me out. Figaro can too. Put ’em together and I’m heading toward zombie land.

I’m wimpy, I know. I have a friend who works her day job and then goes and plays the opera. I know that many on stage have day jobs also, and they still manage to stay awake for the performance, and do great work, too!

But me? I’m gonna take a nap now. Otherwise I’m not sure just where my head would be tonight at, say, 11:00 PM. I haven’t been doing nothing all day, mind you. I have started our taxes (going easier this year; I guess I’m getting better at these things!), and I took a trip down to the symphony office to pick up lots of parts for Romeo and Juliet, as we begin our ballet rehearsals a week from yesterday. (I love this ballet music … which is rare!)

But in any case, the couch is calling my name. I will obey.

Here … have yourself some Figaro while I’m resting!

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