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Beer with That?

Some patrons aren’t sure about the fact that you can bring food and drink into the theatre with you. But I believe that enjoying a glass of wine with that second act of “Turk in Italy” could be a fine thing. There are occasional worries about noisy wrappers and clinking ice cubes destroying the mood, but most people have a surprising amount of common sense about this. In decades of attending and producing opera at The Barns, there have been very very few problems – probably no more than there are with candy and cough drop wrappers in a hall with traditional restrictions.

I read it here. Kim Witman, of Wolf Trap Opera (read here blog here), is the writer. Anyone wanna give an opinion on this?

I really think it’s the location that makes the diff. It’s not so much the program or the group. It’s the “where” of it all. If I’m in a place that feels more formal, I want things to be more formal. And I just don’t care for beer in the hall. I was at San Francisco Opera a few years back and two women came in between the first and second acts (or was it before the start of the opera? I can’t remember now!) of Der Rosenkavalier, one carrying a beer and the other a glass of wine. They were clearly newbies, and I’m always happy to see new people attend something like that, so I just figured they were new and didn’t know people didn’t do that at SF Opera (or DO they?!). They were a bit confused by the story but I thought they might be enjoying it. Another audience member encouraged them when they asked about things, saying, “Oh the best is yet to come!”

They left before the final act.

In any case … I probably need to just go with the flow and say, “Sure, go ahead and drink.” What harm does it do, eh? I will stick to my “no drinking” policy myself though. Trust me, my oboe playing is better that way. 🙂

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