19. February 2010 · Comments Off on Same Opera, Different Feelings · Categories: Opera, Ramble

Man, tonight was just one exhausting performance. Reeds felt the same. Oboe is the same. I’m only a few days older than I was on Tuesday. But by the end I was absolutely fried.

And for the second time during the run, someone on the road has pointed out that I forgot to turn on my headlights on my drive home. Ack! The brain, it is a’leavin’.

So now there is one more performance. I’ll miss this opera. Mozart sure knew what he was doing! After the final show there is a party and the orchestra has been invited (nice!). Odds are I’ll not go; I am such a hermit, and the thought of socializing after a 3 1/2 hour performance … well … it’s unlikely I can handle it. Singers are frequently extroverts. So are some of my pit pals. Me? I’ll probably go home, put on pjs, and crash!

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