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I was talking to a young student on Saturday about why I never leave my oboe on the stand if I leave my chair. I asked him, “What happened in Haiti?” He said buildings fell. “Yes, and why did they fall?” “Because they weren’t structurally sound.”

Yes, he’s a smart kiddo!

“But what caused them to fall like they did?” “Oh. An earthquake.” “And where do we live?” “Near the San Andreas fault!”

So I just clarified; I never leave my oboe on the stand if I am not right there to catch it should it tip over. Then I mentioned that of course I always pack it up if I’m done practicing anyway. He looked a wee bit surprised. I asked, “Don’t you swab your oboe and pack it up each time?”

Turned out that no, he left it on it’s stand when he was done. (When I say “stand” I mean a peg or some other kind of oboe stand, not a music stand.)

Of course it then hit me; this is something I forget to tell my students! Sooo … here goes … pack up that instrument when you finish practicing! Swab it first, of course. It’s just safer in the case. And it won’t get dusty in the case.

News you can use.

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