This morning I told Dan I felt a bit odd. I didn’t really do much this morning, and my main chore, I knew, was to work on English horn reeds. I finally managed to get myself to wind some and start working in the early afternoon (my middle name is procrastination). Then it was on to four students.

Teaching went fine. I love my students; each one is so unique and I really find joy in teaching them. I felt pretty good, and the final one is a very fin English horn student so I was able to play a bit of English horn with him and I was feeling a bit better about the reed situation. After teaching I had about 45 minutes for dinner and then I was to race off to rehearsal.

But not so fast. Standing up, things were spinning.

Dan had prepared dinner for us, and as I was putting together my plate I told him I was sure dizzy, and my ear was screaming, as it sort of had been doing all day. He suggested that maybe I wanted to forgo the tasty food I was dishing up and it hit me that he was quite right. He made an English muffin for me instead. I managed to get a bit down when I realized that wasn’t even a good idea. I thought it would be best to have him drive me to work, per his suggestion, and then I realized I wasn’t going to be able to go to work. Also per Dan’s suggestion. So I called in sick and went to bed.

It’s three hours later, and I’m awake and able to use the computer. I believe this means that this was caught in time, and that I’ll recover quicker than I did last time.

I’m really bummed to miss the second rehearsal. I’m really bummed to only have the dress rehearsal before opening. I’m especially bummed that my ear is still unhappy. But I’m very thankful that I am feeling a wee bit better, and that I do think I’ll be able to play the run of Romeo and Juliet. I do wonder if the fluorescent lights in the rehearsal hall can trigger this. I know they can cause issues for some people. I’ll have to read up on this.

Meanwhile, back to resting for me.

Oh … and I’m really bummed that I missed that great dinner tonight. 🙁


  1. I’m so sorry to hear about that Patty- I know what it feels like to 1. not feel well 2. not want to miss out on work because of it!
    This week I have had a really bad ear infection\sinus infection and thought back to your blogs about your ear troubles- it is NOT FUN to be an oboist with those types of issues- Feel better soon! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much, Caitlin.

    I think I’ll be contacting my otologist just to see if this is to be expected after my horrible time last spring. I do wonder if this is Miniers (sp?) disease. I’ve been reading … probably shouldn’t do that because I start diagnosing myself!

  3. We missed you tonight! Hope that you feel better very soon.

  4. Aw thanks, dk. I’m already feeling better. I’m glad I stayed home; I think the lighting in the rehearsal hall would have done me in.

    I do think I’ll be just fine for tomorrow. (What choice do I have, eh?!)

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