27. February 2010 · Comments Off on A Total Waste of a Day · Categories: Ramble

… but it had to be done.

I woke with one of my splitting migraines. I suspect it might be tied in with the screeching ear. The head was bad enough that I canceled my students. First and foremost for the day was to get over the headache so I could play without too much pain tonight. Canceling out of the opening night performance of Romeo & Juliet just didn’t seem to be an option for me. Unless I thought I was dying, of course.

Up until about 4:30 I did wonder if I was ever going to get over the head. So many on Facebook and Twitter were kind enough to offer up suggestions. One solution came up multiple times: see a chiropractor. That really wasn’t an option. No time, no $ for that. Some suggested aspirin. Not an aspirin in the house. Of course “step away from the computer” was a suggestion (followed), as was coffee, believe it or not. So after putting the MacBook to sleep I had more ibuprofen and then had a nice latté. (I had to skip my morning latté because at that point the nausea was still too strong.) And I did absolutely nothing all day long, aside from rest and watch a bit of curling. (Man, that event could become addictive for me! It’s just fun to watch!)

It’s now 5:16 and I can finally say that I have turned the corner. I still ache a bit, but nothing like before.

I suppose this means I should change out of my robe & pjs and don the black, eh?

Or maybe the Romeo & Juliet audience would enjoy my hot pink robe?

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