I’m looking forward to reading more from this new blog, Beyond Words. To begin, here’s this:

This blog aims to guide the way to a deeper understanding of this venerable tradition. I hope to be a guide to the myriad opportunities in Chicago to hear free, amateur or professional concerts of a Classical and post-Classical variety–for both novices and initiates alike.

It’s a long journey, so let’s get started with a piece that requires no introduction, “Short Ride in a Fast Machine”. It was composed by John Adams, an American composer living near San Francisco. Much more about him to come.

Here in San Jose I’ve not done one single John Adams work. Sort of sad, if you ask me, as he’s not only well respected, but pretty local. Hmmm. Maybe next season?


  1. Gateway drug? My first whiff was Strauss waltzes, an LP (remember those?) called Wine, Women and Song, given to me by my dad, which he bought at the record store that was owned by movie actor Kevin Kline’s dad. My second was The Magic Flute.

    And just so you know, I read your blog especially on weekend mornings when i need a little momentum to get out my reed knife – thanks a million!!

  2. Thanks so much, Helen, for reading the blog, and for your kind words!

    I’m still trying to figure out what would be my first “love” with music … having grown up with it I honestly can’t say! I CAN say that a particular group (Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra) was what caused me to want to go into this career ‘o mine. But music-wise I’m sort of stumped!