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I was feeling alienated from that aesthetic,” Golijov says of the tyranny of serialism and other atonal experiments in the 1980s. “Then, in one week, my first daughter was born and my mother, who taught me how to play piano, died. It was that whole cycle of new life and death. It opened my eyes, and I realized I don’t have to please academic orthodoxy.

“You don’t become a musician to get rich,” he adds, laughing. “So I decided I should do what makes me happy.


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… I like it …

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I just read an announcement about a musician who bought a house in the bay area. It gave his name. It gave his wife’s name. It gave the address of the house, and showed exactly where it is located. It gives his employer’s name. It tells how much they paid for the home. I will not tell you who this musician is, or what his instrument is. And if I were the musician, I’d be furious. I find this incredibly invasive.

Do realtors do this all the time? I certainly hope not. And I hope whoever posted this received permission to post all the information he/she posted. Any realtor out there want to fill me in on this kind of thing?

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Oboe Swab Mute–is that a new breed of dog?

… from a dear friend. She made me laugh!

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So it appears that dogs and oboes are a popular YouTube thing:

Okay. I’ll stop now.

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Are classical musicians ever taught how to improvise a solo?

I see rock and blues musicans do it all the time. When my friend (who’s a classical pianist) improvises, it’s usually because she messed up. She repeats a line several times and calls it improvising, which it is, in a way.

When I mess up and improvise in rock and blues, I pick up the scale and add my own licks into a song.