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Carolyn is a very fine bassoonist. Check out this concert!

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How in the world did I neglect to mention that San Francisco Symphony is doing Ravel’s Le Tombeau de Couperin next season? (October 14, 15, 16 17) While it doesn’t say, “William Bennett, oboe soloist” it might as well … it’s really a huge work for the oboe, as readers know. I really enjoy playing the English horn part. It’s not nearly as fun, though, when I have to play both the EH and the second oboe (which is how it’s written; back in San Jose Symphony days we’d split the book). The tempo of the first movement below (no, this isn’t SF Symphony) is actually nice and playable. But the part where the two oboes play in unison is just not fun (for me, at least).

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Dan just had this on Facebook … I can’t resist, even though there’s not an ounce of oboe on the thing. It’s pretty amazing!

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the blonde girl i mistook for the blonde boy is actually important…shes the oboe player 😀

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usually I’m just the second oboist that no one really knows about..now I’m a star English hornist but I don’t see how I suddenly became well known.

So, I meant to mention a little tidbit from San Francisco Symphony’s press conference on Monday. When MTT was talking about Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis, he said that he played second oboe on the work, under the direction of Lukas Foss (I believe this was at USC). He quote Foss saying, “Let Beethoven take you into his sweaty embrace.”

Just thought I’d share that with you all! 🙂